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Carpet Cleaning At Home  For Immediate Use


Carpet Cleaning Pick Up And Deliver


Home carpet will look clean to the naked eye but in fact, deep into the base of the carpet, it is very dirty and disgusting if not cleaned regularly. Moreover, many pests, bacteria and various types of subtle but poisonous threats are breeding and multiplying every day.

Carpets are exposed to many types of dirt including:

  • The filth we carry through the soles of the feet which are not clean & washed properly.

  • Fine dust & debris are carried by the wind from outside.

  • Bacteria & germs from limbs as well as sneezing each and every day.

  • Faeces that are left by insects and small animals such as lizards and others.

Regular carpet cleaning is also important to ensure that the carpet is always clean and more durable. It must be cleaned at least 2 to 4 times a year.

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