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Clean & Free  Your Home From Dust Mites , Bed Bugs & Dirt  And Save Thousands Of Ringgit

Household hygiene is very important to ensure the health of the whole family. Every day we sweep and dispose of visible trash to maintain cleanliness. But what about health threats that are invisible to the naked eye like these dust mites & mattress bugs? If not managed then it will cause us as a family itchy body & head, always sneeze and cause sinusitis to get worse.

Cleaning must be done at least 2 times a year to ensure your family is safe, healthy and cheerful always

Get to Know Your 'Housemates'

These Dust Mites can reproduce  everywhere such as curtains, sofas, mattresses, rugs, pillows and blankets. It is very delicate and cannot be seen with the naked eye. If not controlled, it will cause many health problems that will complicate our daily lives and for a long time.

Get to know your 'Enemy in the Blanket'

Bed Bugs  this is very fond of human blood. Because of that we can significantly see a lot of breeding in the house. A female can produce 300 eggs so imagine how many thousands of these bugs have already inhabited with you all this time. A human can be bitten up to 500 times in just one night. Because of that, many of our children have serious skin problems.

So How To Save Thousands Of Dollars & Get Cleaning  Maximum level?

The solution is very simple! You can rent a Vacuum Steamer Washing Machine  Karcher SV7  and wash yourself with a promotional price of RM169  (original rental price RM450) for 22  hours and save thousands  ringgit . You can clean & be able to kill dust mites & mattress bugs that are on  mattresses, rugs, pillows, sofas, toilets, kitchens, car cushions and more with incredible savings. Superb!

Before that know you, to clean & eliminate all these health threats  requires a very high cost if you call people to do  for you?  

Usually the cost is between RM1500 - RM2500 for one house.

But by just renting the Karcher SV7 Vacuum Steamer Washing Machine  from us, you only need to pay the promotional price of RM169  only (original price RM450) for a rental of 22  hours. Wow! Imagine the amount of savings you can get and the surplus that can be used for other things in need.

Definitely Cheap, Economical & Satisfying.


Happy  Ker Nak Guna?

Oh! Happy jer. Even children aged 12 and above can do it, so what about you who are strong and healthy?

The use of this Karcher washing machine is very easy to operate. Just like you clean the house using a vacuum that you usually use, only this machine is able to shoot hot water vapor and inhale it at once all the stubborn dirt & kill dust mites that have been accumulated for a long time.

You will also be taught how to use it when we ship the machine  the.  Anyone can use it. You will become an expert in just 10 minutes!

Definitely Easy, Economical & Satisfying.

What Will I Get Later?

We will provide all the necessary equipment from A - Z. You can continue to use the Karcher washing machine once we have reached the place  you for delivery.


Karcher SV7 engine


High Voltage Wire Extension

Advantages of Using SV7 Professional Vacuum Steamer Washing Machine

1. All In One.

Not like a machine  steamer  another that can only emit steam, the SV 7 engine is capable of firing hot steam and at the same time sucking up all the impurities present.

2. Kill Dust Mites & Bed Bugs

With the latest technology, the hot steam released is able to kill dust mites & bed bugs.

3. Safer & Confident

It does not use chemical detergents then you will feel more comfortable & pure. Very safe for your little ones.

4. Easy To Remove Stubborn Dirt Anywhere

With steam heat above 120 Celsius, most stubborn dirt can be removed easily & quickly. 

5. Produce Clean & Fresh Air

The air coming out of the SV 7 is dust & odor free as it uses a water filter that is capable of filtering the air coming out. No more worries for those with breathing problems.

Is There Any Promotion?

Oh there must be! We will give you ..

This Promotion Is Only For The First 10 Customers Starting December 1, 2020


Promotional Price RM169

For Rent  22  Jam

(Regular Rental Price RM450)


Free Shipping For Area Radius 10km From Batu Caves

(Delivery Cost In Other Areas Between RM20 - RM80)


Mystery Gift Worth RM30

(Only Share Your Testimonial)

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs & Dust Mites  Using a Hot Steamer

Other Uses of SV7 Professional Vacuum Steamer Washing Machine

What did they say

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-05 at 8.40.00 PM.



Karcher machine  Puzzi 10/1

Able to suck Bed Bugs and Dust Mites that have been killed from inside your sofa and mattress after using the SV7 Steamer Vacuum. Can also clean the surfaces of your sofas, mattresses, cushions and carpets.

Promotional Rental Price RM119  For Rent  22Jam

(Original Price RM250)



Puzzi 10/1



SV 7



I'm interested in. What should I do?

Congratulations & Well done because you are interested in renting a machine  from us. You can whatsapp us  to book a suitable day and time for us to ship the machine to the location you specify.

Payment can be made after you use  the machine.

Our Whatsapp immediately for bookings & any queries. Click the Whatsapp Icon above.

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