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Very Busy And No Time? Don't Worry, We Can Pick It Up From Your Home And Return The Rug That Has Been Washed. 

Carpet cleanliness is one of the things that should be taken seriously by us because it is one of the factors that cause breathing problems if it is not washed regularly. Not to mention our children and grandchildren who always play on it. Carpets are also the best collectors of dust and dirt because although they look clean to the naked eye, they contain a lot of dust, bacteria and germs.

The carpet must be washed regularly at least 4 times a year wet and vacuumed every day. 

It is a draw and comfort enhancer at home but can also cause health problems in the long term if not properly maintained. Love your family by washing your carpet with our expertise today

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Advantages Of Cleaning Your Rug In Our Store

  1. Your rug will be dried in our shop which uses a high-speed fan and dryer to ensure that your rug is completely dry to prevent any growth of fungus or mildew in the future. This method is also to ensure that your rug is ready on time even if the rain continues throughout the week.

  2. The finished rug will be wrapped in plastic to make it easier for you to store it for future use.

  3. Your rug will be sprayed with a fragrance that also acts as a disinfectant for bacteria and germs.

  4. We will pick it up and send it back to your home for free or at a minimal cost.

  5. Your rug will be washed 3 times and rinsed 5 times (for most types of rug). We will make sure that your rug is not only clean but also safe for use by your loved ones.

  6. Our rug wash area is lined with a unique wash base and is not washed on a dirty and dusty cement floor.

Note: The standard washing method will be used without spot cleaning for stubborn stains in our store. We will do it at the customer’s request and additional charges may apply depending on the degree of stubborn dirt. There is no guarantee that stubborn stains will disappear 100% for stains that have been more than 48 hours. But of course, we will do our best for our dear customers.

Home Carpet Cleaning Price


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Pickup & Return Charge


  • 10km Radius From Sri Gombak

  • Total laundry value exceeds RM100 


  • 11-30km Radius From Sri Gombak

  • Total laundry value exceeds RM250 


  • 10km Radius From Sri Gombak

  • The total value of the laundry is less than RM100 


  • More than 11km radius from Sri Gombak

  • The total value of the laundry is less than RM100 

You can also whatsapp us for us to calculate the cost of pick up and return for you

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Why Are We the Choice?


100% Satisfaction

If there is a part of the carpet that does not meet your requirements within 24 hours after washing, we will immediately come back to re -wash the part.


High Technology Machines

Most of our machines are from European technology mainly  from Germany and Italy. This is to ensure the quality of your carpet cleaning is cleaner and fresher. 


Trained And Recognized

We receive technical training from PROCITC which is a training centre also accredited by HRDF.


Quality Detergents

We only use that detergent  high quality and according to the specifications of the machine  will be used. 


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What should I do?

Congratulations & Well done because you are interested in using our services. You can Whatsapp us to ask the best solution method for cleaning your rug.

We are willing to provide advice for free. 

Whatsapp us for any questions. Click the Whatsapp Icon above.

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