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Your Sofa & Family.


Of course, a lot of our time with our loved ones is spent on the soft sofa in front of the TV while enjoying our favorite movies. There are also many beautiful memories built when it comes to the day of celebration where pictures with the family are recorded every year. 

So we can imagine how many activities are done on the couch we have. Of course, the condition of the sofa is getting dirtier and the smell is getting less and less pleasant. 


We Understand You.


Because of that, we have prepared the best expertise and equipment needed to clean your beloved sofa as a family so that the most beautiful and fresh memories can be recorded without any interference of dirt stains and unpleasant odors. 

Enjoy your favorite movies with your loved ones. Beautiful memories will surely be sculpted together with full of joy.

Sofa Cleaning Price



1 Seater RM 69

2 Seater RM129

3 Seater RM199

4 Seater RM259

5 Seater RM299




1 Seater RM 79

2 Seater RM159

3 Seater RM239

4 Seater RM319

5 Seater RM389


Office Chair Cleaning Price



Small RM 15

Medium RM20

Large RM25




Small RM 20

Medium RM25

Large RM30


I'm interested in. What should I do?

Congratulations & Well done because you are interested in using our services. You can whatsapp us to ask the best solution method for cleaning sofas and chairs you.

We are willing to provide advice for free. 

Our Whatsapp soon for  any question. Click the Whatsapp Icon above.

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