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Want To Clean All Home Appliances Like Car Cushions, Carpets, Mattresses & Sofas But Pay  Call a Very Expensive Laundry Service Person!

Ahaaa! .. Don't worry. Now You Can Save Hundreds Of Ringgit.


How do you save?

Yes! You can rent a Karcher washing machine and wash yourself with a PROMOTIONAL rental price as low as RM179  (original price RM250) for 22 hours and save hundreds of ringgit. You can clean yourself with more satisfaction. Imagine how much home appliances can be cleaned with incredible savings. Superb!

Before that did you know, to clean car cushions, sofas, mattresses & carpets at home, you need a very high cost if you call people to clean for you?  

This is an example of a cost to be paid.

Cushions of 2 sedans = RM360

Sofa 3+2+1 = RM240

One Queen size mattress = RM160

Two single size mattresses = RM 180

Two Carpets size 6x8 feet = RM160

The total amount is RM 1100!

But by just renting a Karcher washing machine from us, you only need to pay the lowest PROMOTION price  RM179  only (original price RM250) for rental for 22 hours. Wow! Imagine the amount of savings you could get.

Definitely Cheap, Economical & Satisfying.


Happy  Do you want to wash?

Oh! Happy jer. Even children can do it, so what more can you do to be strong and healthy?

The use of this Karcher washing machine is very easy to operate. Just like you clean the house using a vacuum that you usually use, only this machine is able to shoot water and suck it up at once all the stubborn dirt that has long accumulated in the cushions, sofas, mattresses & carpets of your house.

You will also be taught how to use when we ship the machine  the.  Anyone can use it.

Definitely Easy, Economical & Satisfying.

What Will I Get Later?

We will provide all the necessary equipment from A - Z. You can continue to use the Karcher washing machine once we have reached your home for delivery.


Karcher machine  Puzzi 10/1

Complete Set


Heavy Duty Wire Extension


500ml Special  Shampoo

spray Bottle ADIY.jpg

Pressure Sprayer Bottle

Is There Any Promotion?

Oh there must be! We will give you ..

Hari Raya Promotion Only For The First 20 Customers Starting May 1, 2021


Promotional Price RM129

(Monday Friday)

Promotional Price RM149

(Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays)


For 22 Hour Rentals

(Regular Price RM250)


Free Shipping For Areas  10km Radius From Batu Caves

(Delivery Cost In Other Areas Between RM20 - RM80)


Mystery Gift Worth RM30

(Only Share Your Testimonial)

Additional Options


Drill Brush Full Set

Simplify and speed up the process of brushing all sofas, car cushions and mattresses. You will save a lot of time and energy.

3 types of soft brushes, medium soft and medium hard are available for use according to the suitability of your furniture fabric type.

Promotion price  RM20

(Regular Price RM70)


SC4 Steamer

Eliminates germs, harmful bacteria, mites and bed bugs as well as giving freshness to your fabric furniture.

Promotional Price RM70

(Regular Price RM169)


Air Blower AB30

Speed up the drying process of all sofas, car cushions, mattresses and carpets not to mention if there is a lot to be washed in a short time.

Promotion price  RM70

(Regular Price RM150)

Testimony of Mr. Akmal from Putrajaya

Easy Ways to Use Karcher Puzzi 10/1

I'm interested in. What should I do?

Congratulations & Well done because you are interested in renting a Karcher washing machine from us. You can whatsapp us  to book a suitable day and time for us to ship the machine to the location you specify.

The payment can be made after  return  the machine.

Our Whatsapp immediately for bookings & any queries. Click the Whatsapp Icon above.

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