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Already Uncomfortable Sleeping On Your Mattress That Smells, Dirty And Dusty?

Coupled with itching  skin and redness as if bitten, certainly every night is a pretty uncomfortable moment. The situation worsened when it  began to spread in other beds. 

It is more worrying to see the condition of a small child who is loved every night can not sleep well. This all is bound to interfere with the quality of work the next day.


Don't worry and worry. We will help solve your problem immediately. The quality of sleep and life will return as cheerful as ever when we clean your mattress to clean  again. We will help you enjoy a good night's sleep as well  wake up fresh and fit every day that comes with your beloved family.

Mattress Cleaning Prices

Mattress size

Single /  Super Single RM139

Queen / King  RM179


I'm interested in. What should I do?

Congratulations & Well done because you are interested in using our services. You can whatsapp us to ask the best solution method for cleaning the porch of the house you.

We are willing to provide advice for free. 

Our Whatsapp soon for  any question. Click the Whatsapp Icon above.

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