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A Cheerful & Energetic Office Environment  Starts From Your Clean Carpet!

Yes! The greatness of a company certainly starts from a good work environment. Starting from the moment stepped into the office until it was time to go home. A good, as well as comfortable atmosphere, certainly involves a clean carpet which covered most of the space in the office.


The office carpet will look clean to the naked eye but in reality, deep into the underlying carpet, it is very dirty and disgusting if not cleaned regularly. Moreover, many pests, bacteria and various types of subtle but poisonous threats are breeding and multiplying every day.

Carpets are exposed to many types of dirt including:

  • Dirt carried by workers through the soles of shoes which are not clean & washed properly.

  • Fine dust & debris are carried by the wind from outside, especially in uncovered areas.

  • Bacteria & germs from limbs as well as sneezing of workers on each and every day.

  • Faeces are carried by insects and small animals such as lizards, birds and others.

Regular carpet cleaning is also important to ensure that the carpet is always clean and more durable. It must be cleaned at least 3 to 4 times a year.

We normally wash the carpet at home at least once a year, the same thing should be done with your office carpet.


Our Expertise Will Help You Enjoy A More Comfortable And Energetic Atmosphere.

Our team are well trained and will clean your carpet to a cleaner, fresher and more comfortable level. With high-quality washing machines and detergents, you will definitely be satisfied with the results.

Carpet Cleaning Process


Deep Clean Vacuuming


This is the first critical step that must be done so that all the dust and hair trapped under the carpet fibres can be lifted to the surface to be sucked and to ensure cleanliness to the bottom of the carpet.


Some parts of the carpet that are exposed to stubborn and very difficult to clean stains will be washed first using a special material. Different types of stains will need a different type of detergent. 


Pre-Spot Cleaning


By using a high-tech and imported carpet cleaning machine and high-grade carpet shampoo, all impurities on the carpet fibres will be able to be washed down to the base. All carpet fibres will be more fluffy and clean. 


Deep Clean Scrubbing


Rinsing the carpet using a Karcher Puzzi or BRC 35C machine, will help to suck up all the remaining water left in the carpet after the scrubbing process. 


Deep Rinsing


By using Air Blower and Dehumidifier, the carpet will dry faster and can be used within 2  hours. This is a very important and critical process to make sure the carpet is free from any remaining water to prevent any mould and bacteria from growing rapidly.




Why Are We the Choice?


100% Satisfaction

If there is a part of the carpet that does not meet your requirements within 24 hours after washing, we will immediately come back to re -wash the part.


High Technology Machines

Most of our machines are from European technology mainly from Germany and Italy. This is to ensure the quality of your carpet cleaning is cleaner and fresher. 


Trained And Recognized

We received technical training from PROCITC, a training centre accredited by HRDF.


Quality Detergents

We only use high quality carpet shampoo that is environment friendly.


I'm interested.
What should I do?

Congratulations & Well done because you are interested in using our services. You can whatsapp us to ask the best solution method for cleaning your carpet.

We are willing to provide advice for free. 

Please Whatsapp us with any question.

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